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Boquete Experts RULE No 1 – Don’t buy the web & BS about Panama!  Know before you Go!

This site has one purpose – to provide the real scoop on what is going on in Boquete, Panama.  No BS,  no hyperbole,  no ad hominem garbage, just the real deal. So…If you’re new to Boquete or thinking of coming here to live , I urge you to look at buying The Boquete (Not For Tourists!) Handbook.  This will give you 200 pages of the basic knowledge you need to know BEFORE making the decision to up sticks and MOVE!

The Boquete (Not For Tourists!) Handbook – 4th Edition Now available!

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roladex2I wrote and published the Boquete ( Not for Tourists) Handbook. to help people understand and navigate the important issues confronting every person considering a move to Boquete (or Panama) .

Once you have moved here you need to go to the next level and that is why I have now published “The Supreme Ruler’s Rolodex – Who to Call When You’re Clueless in Boquete.”

This BEST OF BOQUETE Private Directory is a 200 page , hard-core list of  best contacts and resources here in Boquete (David and beyond!)… NO ads, no sales pitches and no pay for play listings!

Panama,Panama, Panama..everyone is talking about Panama ..Invest in Panama, flip Panama, buy a condo for a song and live like a king for pennies a month…yeah yeah…we’ve all heard it. We’ve all seen the retirement websites…BUT listen, before you buy their BS and plunk down your hard-earned $$$$ , you’ll want to find out  if all this stuff is true. Are these people actually experts in the places they tout?  Do they actually LIVE in these places and for how long? If you want to know the real scoop on this area and the important issues you need to think about BEFORE & while moving, check out the Boquete Handbook.

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So you bought the Handbook, considered the options and benefits, made yourself aware of the pitfalls. Now you are ready to move to the next level…Now It’s time for “The Supreme Ruler’s Rolodex -Who To Call When You’re Clueless in Boquete,Panama. (Sept 2013)

Boquete,Panama has become an incredibly popular destination. It is now at the top of many financial/retirement advice & travel site lists. Lots of new people are coming in every day and we know why because we actually live here. BUT we also know all the hard stuff too…the stuff many others won’t tell you or don’t know. You can find tons of info about Panama on the web and in different retirement books and that is a great place to start. But once you have committed to living  here whether its part or full time,  you now need to know who are the people to trust to help it all happen.

Getting set-up in a new country and culture is a HUGE step, there are things you need to consider before you get here and things you won’t even know you need help with until you have been here for a while. Don’t you wish you had a list of reliable people you could call to help you do the things you need to do?  Well I did and I still do. This is information that you will continue to need long after you do get here! ….Save yourself time, money($$$$$!!) and more importantly the rest of your sanity. People here in Panama call us the Boquete Experts so take it from us.

Two ways to get the new THE SUPREME RULER’S ROLODEX in Paperback

  1. In PAPERBACK ($12.95 plus $6.00s hipping)  CLICK HERE to order
  2. Buy it at the Tuesday Morning Market in Boquete.

This is something new and special for our area but something that is so totally necessary. If you are going to live here successfully ( and that means not losing every cent you have in the first year, you may laugh but I have seen it done) then you have to know who to call when you have problems or need help.


Buy the Boquete Handbook today!

BUY the No 1 resource for Boquete – This best- selling handbook and get what you need to know!!

Buy the Boquete Handbook today!

IF you still have doubts and questions after reading the Handbook, join us at one our private ‘Info Sessions’ or contact us for a totally private consult.