Boquete 101

NEWS! – OK we’re now officially done with the private sessions!  
But you can still buy the book(s)!! 
The Boquete Handbook  and The Supreme Ruler’s Rolodex   

“We moved to Boquete 1 month ago and I have used your books AT LEAST 3 times a week. I would have been completely lost without the “Supreme Ruler’s Rolodex”. Boquete is a small town but there is lots to find if you have the right tool – and your book was exactly the right tool!!!
I look forward to updates and, unfortunately for you, I’ll probably be e-mailing you with questions of where to find other things – like do you know anyone who does eyebrow waxing???
Thanks for the book and being so friendly (we’ve met a couple of times on Tuesdays at the market).”

Tina Rouillard.March 5 2015

5 star seller
Over the past few years, we have had a great time and met some terrific people via our private “BOQUETE 101 KNOWLEDGE SESSIONS”,thank you all for that. We are discontinuing the formal sessions simply because of time constraints. Boquete is growing  rapidly and we are growing OLDER so…here’s our new, more friendly, more informal offer.
IF, after doing all your research on Boquete, you still feel like you need some inside scoop and a friendly face to meet with on your visit here, you are welcome to contact us via the forms on this site. We’ll set up something private and informal…maybe lunch or dinner at a good local place!
NOTE: Below are some of the testimonials from past Boq 101 participants.


“My wife and I were thoroughly impressed with the “Boquete 101” class put on by Dianne and Elizabeth.  We would strongly recommend this class to anyone thinking about relocating to any region in Panama.  The 3-hour class was thorough, engaging, and professionally presented.  The setting was on the terrace of Elizabeth’s scenic coffee plantation and the view of the valley below, along with the excellent coffee and baked goods, was well worth the nominal class fee.  The class was nicely structured, but also provided flexibility to address the specific questions and concerns of the individual attendees.  Topics covered were vast and varied: immigration options; local medical care; business considerations; personal and home security and home purchase; and local community considerations.  This was not a “course” where the aim was to sell you timeshares or other ridiculous ploys; instead there was an open and honest dialog and a sincere sharing of their experiences with minimal bias.  We left with a whole new perspective on living abroad.  This class really helped us analyze and solidify what we hope to gain through living in another country as well as offering us an understanding of the various benefits and challenges associated with integrating into another culture.  All in all, this was an excellent class and an excellent use of our vacation time.  If you have the opportunity to meet and learn from Dianne and Elizabeth, you will not be disappointed.
Bradley Christ . USA. Jan 2013
“Really excellent information–worth it’s weight in gold. A bargain at twice the price! I’m considering moving here with 2 teenage daughters. We’ll probably try it, at least for awhile. But, you’ve given me a lot to think about.” Keith Kandt (Fl USA) June 2012

” I am SO glad I came! It seems that a gated community or small neighborhood is definitely what would suit me and my husband, and you’ve helped to define what the different ones offer…and don’t offer. The Handbook was great–but the depth of information you provided in 3 hours just isn’t available anywhere else. I could have stayed for another 3 hours asking questions. Thank you!” Janne S (WA.USA)*

 If you haven’t already done it, buy the Boquete Handbook today!

NewsFlash!!!!! …..The BOQ 101 Session set for summer 2013..has come and gone and THANK-YOU!  It was a great group indeed and had some challenging questions for our brave panelists.
Here are just some of the wide-ranging questions asked at our latest session:
  • I Have heard about the Health Care options from people on the ground here, what health care do you have and why?
  • Who is the best person to use here as a health care advocate?
  • Does the new visa give me the option to work?
  • What is the best bank to use? What about Credit Unions and reporting requirements to the IRS in the USA?
  • Where do I buy tires?
  • Can I sleep at night with the sliding doors to the bedroom ( on the 2nd flr) open?
  • Should we get water tanks even though we live on the town water line?
  • Is it always this windy?
  • Who are the “players” in town?
  • Who are the Real Estate Agents to trust?

Here are some of the testimonials from people who attended that session :

“Hi, I just wanted to thank you for a most comprehensive meeting. Having just moved to Boquete, this was the kind of info that could save me a lot of grief and time. ” Ron Elkind.California.USA.

“This was fabulous! Exactly the kind of information we were looking for to help decide on where to move to when we are ready. Thank-you.” Brad Dixon.Washington DC. USA.

What were “The Boquete101” Sessions?

You have made the decision to escape to a place where your dollar goes further..where today’s economic crisis is creating new opportunities instead of taking them away and where costs of living, healthcare, and property are still affordable – like they once were in the US.
According to AARP, the most trusted US retirement source, Boquete, Panama is still one of the top overseas retirement destinations. We know, because we LIVE HERE. You have also heard that you can still live luxuriously, even hire a maid… on nothing more than your social security check. OR CAN YOU?
Don’t waste your $$$ on big site HYPE. BEFORE you take the final steps to move here or plunk down money on overblown international guides, TALK with us! We are Ex-pats and EXPERTS on living here.
GET the inside scoop,the REAL DEAL about living here in our  BOQUETE 101 Knowledge Sessions.
In our intimate 3hr group sessions (on a beautiful, working coffee farm), we’ll cover –
  • Where to start with real estate – best places to look for your dream home (and those to avoid!)
  • Costs of living – where to shop, what can you just NOT get here, what to expect.
  • Moving matters – expenses, what to bring, transporting pets, cars and goods.
  • Health Care – the reality of it the options here in Boquete.
  • Visa programs- the best ones for you and the pensionado/Jubilado parameters.
  • Personal recommendations for hotels, restaurants, where to go to explore, have fun and more.
  • Who can I trust? We’ll give you details, information, names and contact information.
  • PLUS- You can ask all the questions that you can’t in an open forum! THIS ALONE is worth the price of the session.
How is this session different from the Boquete Handbook? Think of this workshop as an expanded and more personal version of the Handbook. We’ll introduce you to real life in Boquete. AND we can tell you things in the workshop that you can’t really put in the book….as in…..well you know what we mean.
The Boquete (Not for Tourists!) Handbook has become one of the best-selling publications in the International Expat library.Buy the Boquete Handbook today!
Now, with the Boquete101 Knowledge Sessions you’ll get to dig into life in Boquete as we know it.
Email us & sign up now or use the Contact Form here: